Design Inspiration : Introducing Saskia Kate Interiors

By: Andrew Long  -  09-02-23  -  Published in: Interior Design

Interior designers play a crucial role in the architectural design process, helping to ensure a home reflects everything the owner desires – from stunning colour schemes, through to quality fixtures and fittings. At Iconic we collaborate with Rebecca Edmunds, Director of Saskia Kate Interiors on many of our projects, whether it’s a modern or classical design.

Our Director Andrew Long recently worked with Rebecca on a stunning split level contemporary home in Surrey. We took the opportunity to speak to Rebecca to find out more about her inspiring work.

Q: What do you most enjoy when collaborating with Andrew?

A: I’ve known Andrew for years and can honestly say that I know it’s going to be a great project if he is involved. Andrew’s designs are quite diverse, spanning classic architecture to sleek contemporary echo homes. Creatively it’s very exciting to have that breadth of style.

More than that though, I value Andrew’s honesty with both myself and the client. It’s incredibly important to get the right advice from the outset, setting expectations and balancing the vision with budget.

Q: At what stage of a house design project do you begin working with a client?

A: This is something I am passionate about. The interior designer should be involved early on, ideally as soon as planning approval is received. Collaborating with the architect and combining our expertise ensures we make considered design decisions that bring the client vision to life and, importantly, align to budget. It also delivers a seamless experience for the client with all parties on the same page from the outset.

Q: What does your role involve?

A: I invest a lot of time upfront gaining a deep understanding of our clients needs, their style preferences, lifestyle wishes, and overall vison for their home. The devil is in the detail, and it can often be the smallest elements that make the difference. There is often a lot more involved than people are aware. It’s not all plumping cushions and choosing sofas! Projects run from concept design through to detailed design, where we plan for every last detail. Finally, there is the ‘Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment’ stage, when we source, procure and install every item.

Q: How closely do you work with Andrew?

Once the architectural drawings are complete, I work with Andrew to review and provide recommendations where relevant, for space planning, access and storage. This includes positions for doors, kitchens, intended joinery and bathrooms. We consider elements such as staircases, doors and architraves, skirting and cornice, ceiling and wall finishes and lighting. This connects the fabric of the building with the interior spaces, so it is particularly important that the architect and designer work collaboratively at this stage.

Q: Do you have a particular interior design style?

A: I am probably not too dissimilar to Andrew in this respect. We are very much client led rather than having a specific house style. When I launched Saskia Kate Interiors, one of the founding principals was to put our clients at the heart of everything we do and that means we design for them, not our portfolio.

Q: What are the emerging trends in interior design?

A: Whilst I don’t think we will ever see a love for neutrals disappearing, there is a definite move towards warmer earthy tones. I think many of us are craving some calm spaces that feel like a sanctuary.

Having said that, I am not a big believer in following trends. If they fit with the look you are wanting to achieve then fine, but for me it is more important to create enduring design that is tailored for each client.

Q: What inspires your designs?

A: So many things! I usually find that the inspiration stems from the initial conversations with my clients. It can be the smallest thing, a piece of artwork or sentimental piece of furniture. Years ago, I worked with a client that had made tea for us in a set that had been handed down from her grandmother, there was a lovely story behind it and this was the spark for the creative concept.

Q: How do you bring a client’s vision to reality?

A: It really is down to listening and taking the time to interpret what they have in their minds. Clients often find it difficult to articulate exactly what they want so it requires a particular skill to tease out the information that we need to create their vision. Having a strong network of trusted partners and suppliers to execute our designs is also critical.

View the stunning portfolio created by Saskia Kate Interiors here.