Pre Appointment

Following your initial enquiry our team will arrange a meeting with you at the new build site or property. This will provide an opportunity for us to run through your requirements, budget, and project timescale. We can also run through the relevant services for your project and you can ask us any questions you may have.

We will go on to produce a detailed proposal, outlining a schedule of services and our fees. On approval of the proposal, we will become your appointed architects.

Specification & Brief

Our team will arrange professional surveys and investigations of the site, along with feasibility studies for more complex projects to determine development potential. We can then produce an ‘Initial Brief’ and if required we can also start to create a 3D CAD model that will evolve into the full concept design as your project progresses.

As part of the initial brief, we recommended that a financial appraisal is compiled to ensure you have an initial budget plan in place. We can assist with this or recommend a quantity surveyor.

Initial Concepts

This stage is particularly exciting as you will receive conceptual design proposals in a variety of formats to help you visual the end result. Conceptual designs may be provided as sketches, CAD drawings, or 3D models. We will carefully run through these concepts with you, determining which is your preferred design and we can also add detail or make alterations.

It is vital that your initial cost plan is taken into careful consideration and we can assist by obtaining outline costs for the proposals from our trusted contractors. As soon as you approve your preferred design, we will confirm our ‘Final Brief’.

Developed Design

During this stage, your preferred design will really take shape. Using our artistic skills, we will develop the design concept further by creating more detailed CAD drawings. We will arrange meetings with you to run through the design in full as we create intricate plans, sections, and elevations. Any alterations that we may make to the design will be supplied for your approval.

Once we have agreed the developed design we will liaise with your local planning authority, arranging meetings where necessary, and supplying the required documents for consents and approval.

Technical Drawings

The concept proposal will now be taken to the next stage and procurement will begin. Our architectural designers will gather construction information from the consultants and suppliers involved in your project.

We will create technical drawings with specifications, along with a schedule of work that meets your project timeframe. Contractors will then be able to price the construction works accordingly. A Building Regulations submission is likely to be necessary at this stage and we will guide you through this process.


In order to move forward with construction, you will need to appoint a trusted building contractor. Our team can provide you with all the advice required to determine the most suitable form of building contract and will prepare the essential documents. Once the contract is agreed, the building contractor will take possession of the site and construction work will begin.

For added peace of mind, we offer a Contract Administration and Project Management Service to ensure that all parties fulfil their obligations throughout the construction. As part of this service, we will conduct regular site visits, assist you with any issues that arise during the construction works, and issue Architect’s Certificates and Architect’s Instructions to the building contractor as required. We will also arrange for the works to be approved by a Building Control Officer or Approved Inspector.

Project Completion

On project completion there is an opportunity for us to check the works and if there are any issues we will produce a schedule of defects that should be rectified by the building contractors within three to twelve months - known as a ‘Defects Liability Period’.

During this period, a retention will be held from the contractor until all defects have been rectified. On completion we will issue an Architect’s Certificate for the payment of these retentions. Once we are confident that the contractor has fulfilled their obligations we will issue the Final Account and our Final Certificate for the works.

Post Project Aftercare

Following completion of your project, our team will be in touch to request feedback about your experience. We value our clients input and thoughts on the architectural services provided.
In the future you are welcome to contact us if you decide to carry out modifications or further building works. We are always be happy to assist and can provide information and drawings as required.

Information about Our Fees

The fee structure can be agreed as a traditional RIBA percentage of contract value, a fixed lump sum fee or as an hourly rate for concepts and sketch schemes as required. Before starting work on any project, Iconic will confirm the scope of services and fee in writing.

If you would like to learn more about how we can support your home build, get in touch with our Surrey architectural designers today to book your consultation and begin transforming your vision into reality.

If you are considering a new project

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