Cinema Room Vs Big TV?

By: Andrew Long  -  13-03-23  -  Published in: Smart Homes

If you’re planning on upgrading your TV viewing experience at home, there are some options to consider. Firstly, are you hoping for a bespoke home cinema, a swanky screen and projector, or a big TV? With so many options it’s understandable if you’re undecided.

The Art Of Integration

To get a true insight into the options and costs associated with enhancing your viewing experience, we spoke to Adam Wolfe, Co Founder of The Art Of Integration. Adam and the team specialise in Home Cinema, Control4 Smart Home Automation, Home Networks and Smart Light solutions.

Adam has provided us with a handy guide to the budgets required to create quality viewing experiences in the home.

Home Cinema

A bespoke home cinema is an investment as it will cost from around £30,000 to £50,0000. It’s ideal if you have the space and would like to create a truly immersive cinema experience. Imagine your own projector, seating and acoustic treatments.

Projector And Screen

If you’re hoping to create an enhanced viewing experience for a fraction of the cost of a home cinema, a projector could be the ideal option. An entry level home projector and screen with decent resolution costs in the region of £4,0000. For another £3,000 to £5,0000 you can add the all-important surround sound.

Big TV

We all love watching our favourite movies and programmes on a big screen and having a large TV is the most cost-effective option. An entry level 85 inch TV will cost a minimum of around £2,000. A higher quality 85 inch TV with 4K resolution will set you back around £7,000.

Decision Time

The good news is that you can achieve a home cinema experience to suit your budget. The question now is how much are you willing to spend?

It’s also important to consider best use of your living space – would a functional TV room be most practical for you, or do you have the space to dedicate to a bespoke cinema room?

If you wish to transform your living space, or are considering your options for a new build and require assistance with the architectural design and planning, please contact us here.