Increase in Self-Build Home Projects Across Surrey

By: Andrew Long  -  09-11-21  -  Published in: Contemporary Houses

This year we have received an increase in enquiries from individuals requiring our architectural design expertise for self-build homes.

There is no doubt that the government’s £150 million ‘Help to Build’ scheme, announced in April 2021, has encouraged more people to embark on their own builds.

The scheme has certainly made it easier and perhaps more affordable for people to build their own homes.

Andrew Long, Company Director at Iconic Architectural Design said: “Those opting to go down the self-build route benefit from investing in professional architectural designs. I love self-builds as they provide an opportunity for me to create designs that meet the client’s needs on every level.

“Self builders become really involved in the creative process and initially I will take detailed brief so that I understand their wishes – from living and work space through to family rooms and gyms. I ensure that they are part of all design stages, so they feel confident going into the building phase.

“I am on hand every step of the way to provide advice such as recommending tradespeople, right through to discussing finishes. Self-builds are truly rewarding to work on and it always feels like a great achievement on completion of the build.”

At Iconic, we recently created a bespoke design for a new 3,200sqft contemporary house, set on a self-build development in Frimley Green, Surrey. It is one superb example of a luxury home, created to suit the needs of a modern family.

In November we had planning approved for a 7,500sqft house in Wimbledon on Home Park Road, which will be built by a construction management company for a private client.

If you are considering a self build, please contact our team for some expert advice.