Eco Architecture

When we design an Eco Home, we ensure that not only will the building adhere to the highest Eco standards but it will also look amazing.

Eco Architecture Design For London & Surrey

There is growing demand for eco architecture across Surrey, and we have the expertise to design the most innovative sustainable homes that are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Sustainability is becoming more of a focus for all industries and architecture is an exciting area that can be at the leading edge of Eco Design. We are increasing finding that clients are increasingly asking us to design their project with the environment in mind, ensuring that their homes are Eco Friendly whilst remaining functional as a home to live in and of course to look sensational.

Alongside environmentally conscious design features and technology incorporated into the home, we will also consider what sustainable materials can be used during the design process to further reduce the building’s environmental impact.

What is Eco Architecture?

‘Eco Architecture’, ‘Sustainable Architecture’,  ‘Eco Friendly Architecture’, these are all phrases used to describe architecture that is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of not only the construction of the building but also the ongoing impact of the building over time with regards to it’s energy requirements and waste management. At Iconic Architectural Design we are specialists in Eco Conscious design principles and can advise on all aspects of your next Eco Friendly project.

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Eco Conscious Design

We strive to find the balance between aesthetics and environmentally friendly living ensuring that our Eco homes are both a joy to behold and have the smallest carbon footprint possible.

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